Dr. Yofine Indri - BMedSc (AUS),MD (INDO)

Dr. Yofine Indri is a passionate & professional medical practitioner with extensive international educational background on hand. She is currently holding a dual bachelor degree from two prestigious universities, namely, University of Melbourne and Universitas Indonesia.

Keen on dermatology, she began her career with postings to world reputable skin centers, which includes National Skin Center (NSC) and Department of Sexual Transmitted Infections Control (DSC), National University of Singapore (NUS). She had also dedicated herself to the Indonesian Pediatric Dermatology Study Group, which is under the Indonesian Dermatology and Venereology Society, and was the coordinator of the 7th Regional Scientific Meeting on Pediatric Dermatology.

Dr. Yofine Indri had participated in various national and international congresses, symposiums, seminars, workshops as well as numerous occasions of training, and is at present certified by American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Besides many of her life achievements, Dr. Yofine Indri's personal style and warm welcoming persona are eminent. She has also been featured in various highly-acclaimed magazines and prints.